Ten more minutes

Ramblings from London – and elsewhere.


Ten more minutes – originally Tea and cake, please – was a place where I blogged adventures during my year abroad in New Zealand (and elsewhere). Basically, it was an efficient way of keeping everyone in the loop. Now that I am long back (five years!), it’s a decent souvenir from an incredible year of road trips, cave parties and all-round awesomeness.

My updates over the course of that year were sporadic. For now, they’re hidden away in a place that you can’t find them, but at some point I’ll find a way to give them a second lease of life.

Since then, I travelled more, blogged less and finally (unexpectedly) found myself living in London.

Ten more minutes is a space for rambling about happenings post-procrastination. It’s also a space for doing something with my hundreds of photos, which would otherwise get lost in cobweb-ridden folders somewhere in the depths of my laptop.


  1. Claire Grant

    Sarah I just re-read these posts, I cannot wait to read your insights into travelling to NZ and of course the insanity that may live within the walls of the party shack. x

  2. Hello Sarah! I really enjoyed going through your posts. I look forward to read more of them 🙂

    • Hi Jackson, thank you for your comment! I’m glad you enjoyed them!! I will do my best to keep them coming, and check out your blog now!! 🙂

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