Paris, see you again soon

Well, that’s what they all said, especially on the Instagram feed. And there I was, surrounded by tissues, Strepsils and Lemsip packets. Not exactly the way I mean to to go on, if starting is anything to go by (and that was the second most used cliche yesterday).

Fortunately it’s nearly the end of day two and things are beginning to look up. A day of rest seems to be paying off and there are a whole host of good things happening in the next few months (twelve is way too many to think about). In no particular order:

  • A trip to Paris
  • Wedding planning (!)
  • A long weekend in the Alsace
  • Two hen parties – home and away
  • A weekend in Northern Ireland
  • Flight of the Concords at the O2 (One of Aidan’s favourite shows, and Christmas gift to me…)
  • Ferryman show at the West End

I also have heaps of Christmas books to get through, starting with the legendary Richard Thaler’s Misbehaving, which I am already 2/3 through. It’s fascinating.

Happy New Year all – hope you’ve had a healthier start to the year than I have…!