Are adorable tea shops becoming a theme? If so, apologies. But in the age of Instagram, it’s difficult to spend an hour and a half inside a room with cupcakes in flower pots, and flowery teapots without taking at least, er, a few dozen photographs. Apparently more photos are taken every two minutes in 2015 than in the whole of the 1800s – and 10% of photos ever taken were taken in the past 12 months. So at least it’s not just me. I’ll keep it trim.
Garden Y Edinburgh

Teapot Garden Y

Muffins in plantpots

Garden Y is in Marchmont, the residential part of Edinburgh where I spent three of my student years. Back then, we didn’t really frequent tea shops. Cheap bars with £1 vodka mixers were more our thing. How we’ve grown up. On this particular Sunday during the Fringe Festival (more on that to come) we dined hangover free, escaping the crowds to enjoy £6 (a bit of a bargain?) breakfasts and cups of Earl Grey tea. All served in cute flowery cups, from a pretty menu. Lovers of shabby chic, delight! If I was still a resident, I’d definitely be making regular appearances here.Garden Y Breakfast menu

Oh – and they do delicious smoothies. Perfect.

Smoothies in Marchmont